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There are a range of programs and services offered by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, other levels of government, and private service providers to aid producers in coping with, and managing through, periods of business stress. This section provides descriptions regarding many of these services

Business Risk Management Programs
  • Business risk management tools include AgriInsurance, AgriStability, and AgriRecovery, which are administered by AFSC, and AgriInvest, which is delivered federally. Information on these business risk management programs can be found through a link on the main page of the AAFC website,, and on the AFSC website,, under Risk Management. AgriInvest information is available toll-free at 1-866-367-8506.
  • Canadian Agricultural Partnership Farm Water Program provides technical assistance to agricultural producers to complete a Long Term Water Management Plan, and shares the cost of related enhancements of their on-farm water supply management. More information is available at
Federal Tax deferral
The Livestock Tax Deferral provision allows farmers who sell part of their breeding herd due to drought or excess moisture and flood conditions in designated regions to defer a portion of sale proceeds to the following year. Each year, a list of designated regions prescribed as drought and/or excess moisture and flood regions is announced. Stress Management
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