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Strategies, Budgeting & Management Issues

This section provides an array of articles addressing business management options; management strategies, and budgeting approaches to deal with many circumstances
  • AgriProfit$ Cost and Returns Benchmarks for Beef Producers
    An array of provincial and regional production cost and returns benchmarks relating to beef operations.
  • Acquiring Standing Cereals as Greenfeed
    One of the immediate impacts of drought is reduction in forage yields from own sources. Purchase of standing cereal crops, to harvest as greenfeed, may be a viable alternative. This factsheet walks through a budgeting process to evaluate this option … from the point of view of both the “buyer” and the “seller”
  • Assessing Management Strategies for Cattle
    Any management strategy needs a strong analysis to support it. This article touches on the fundamentals of building the notion of “profitability, affordability and desirability” into the assessment of strategies for managing the cow herd through situations such as drought.
  • Cash Flow Your Short Term "Break Points"
  • Choosing Between Annual Pastures & Cash Crops
    Many pastures are feeling the effects of dry conditions and grasshoppers in recent years. One way to take the pressure off these pastures, and to possibly carry additional animals which are on the farm, is to use annual crops for grazing.
  • Match Forage Supplies to Livestock Needs Calculator
  • Yardage – The Cost Beyond Feed
    During times of drought, often the first concern is to lay in feed and/or grazing for your stock. However, when assessing the decision of where, when and how to feed your cattle, it is important to recognize that there are costs, beyond basic feed stuffs, that may impact your decision in this regard. This AgriProfit$ bulletin discusses the costs associated with yardage and how this may affect decisions.
Agreements & Contracting

During times of business stress, many producers consider a variety of new business arrangements to tide them over. Many of these arrangements involve formal and informal contracts. Reference material is provided to guide producers through these “new” experiences.
  • Basic Design of a Lease Agreement for Custom Feeding Cows
    Drought and its effect on grass production and feed availability will require you to make decisions on where to feed cattle. This factsheet addresses some of the issues you and your landlord will need to consider when entering into a lease arrangement.
  • What is in a Contract?
    This factsheet explains the background behind what makes up a contract and explores some of the basic issues around contracts in Alberta
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