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Energizing Productivity for Agribusiness – a series of tools and tip sheets to reduce use of resources and increase productivity





Tip Sheets and Tools

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Find Productivity in Energy Efficiency – an interactive video from Productivity Alberta.

Energy Quick Wins - Print off this Energy Quick Wins checklist (pdf) of quick wins for reducing energy consumption in your organization.

Energy Management

  • To see how much energy you are currently using, establish a benchmark. The Energy Calculator (XL) will help you quickly calculate energy consumption from equipment and other energy consuming devices. It can also be used to estimate your return on investment resulting from upgrades of energy consuming equipment and devices.
  • To learn how to create an energy value stream map that will help to identify and manage opportunities for energy reduction, use this Energy Value Stream Mapping Template(XL).
  • To learn about developing an energy management system, read Energy Management Systems (pdf)
  • To accelerate and sustain the energy performance of your organization, develop an energy management system for your organization. Download the Energy Management System Manual Template (XL).
  • To learn about the benefits and steps to developing an effective Energy Management Team, check out Teaming Up to Save Energy (pdf) to help accelerate the energy performance of your organization.
  • Then use the Energy Management Team Charter Template (pdf) to get started.

Carbon Footprinting

Use the following three documents together with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard (www.ghgprtocol.org) to help accelerate the reporting of your carbon footprint.

  1. Discover what a carbon footprint is along with the benefits and steps to developing a carbon footprint for your organization. Carbon Footprinting 101 (pdf)
  2. Carbon Footprint Calculator (XL)
  3. Carbon Footprint Reporting Template

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has developed a series of toolkits that offer practical techniques and strategies to help lean, environmental, and other specialists on the shop-floor identify and eliminate waste.
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