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Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section

For decades, Alberta’s agriculture industry succeeded by producing more: more crops, more acres, more yield. The province is now considered one of the most important crop production jurisdictions anywhere.

Today, that focus is broadening significantly. Rather than just producing more, Alberta wants to increase the value. One area of opportunity is to capture greater value from some of the by-products of crop production and agriculture processing. In many cases, crop and agriculture processing components that were formerly treated as waste can be processed into valuable resources.

The Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section, of the Food and Bio Processing Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, plays a significant role in developing Alberta’s bio-economy. The Section is a unique, integrated team of highly dedicated professionals providing business development and technical services. The primary objective is to support the agriculture industry for diversification, new opportunities and new markets.

The three focus areas that frame our Section activities are:

By advancing in these areas, Alberta’s agricultural economy can increase the value of what it grows, energize rural economic activity and contribute to sustainable development.

Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section Mandate:
    To maximize the value of Alberta’s bio-based resources through the innovative technologies and business development support for the development of a competitive and diversified sector.
Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section Vision:
    To be a catalyst of bio-based innovation, development and commercialization, known for world class technical and business development expertise.

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry
Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section
Agri-Food Discovery Place
Building F-83, 6020 – 118 Street
Edmonton Alberta T6G 2E1
Phone: (780) 644-8118

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This information published to the web on May 15, 2014.
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