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The Bee Act and Regulations
The Bee Act and Regulations form the framework to regulate the beekeeping industry in Alberta. This legislation puts in place much of the necessary systems to respond quickly if there are threats of disease and pest outbreaks or other emergencies that could affect honey bee health. They outline procedures and strategies designed to prevent and control the spread of disease including: conducting inspections and surveillance, ordering treatments, controlling import and export of bees and used equipment, implementing biosecurity measures, and establishing quarantines, surveillance zones and control areas, if necessary. As such, it requires anyone who owns bees or beekeeping equipment to register with the Alberta Apiculture Program and keep all information up to date.

For more details, check Honey Grading/Labelling
Honey grading regulation controls the sale of honey products in Alberta that are sold to the public. Request for Services
Inspections are required to control the spread of communicable honey bee diseases and pests. All inspections are administered in accordance with the Bee Act and Regulations.
Please read the following inspection descriptions before submitting a request. Any additional documents needed for the service may be submitted to bee@gov.ab.ca.

If you suspect your colonies may have American Foulbrood (AFB) or Small Hive Beetle (SHB), please report it to your provincial apiculturist. Please click here

Bee Health Diagnosis
There are many challenges to keeping healthy bees, including numerous pests and pathogens. Some of these can be easily spread, and may be difficult to diagnose. If you are unsure of what has caused colony mortality, or need help diagnosing a pest or disease, please submit a request below. Our Provincial Apiculturist and inspection team will work with you do determine a diagnosis, and inspectors will be sent to your colonies if required. To submit your request for a bee health diagnostic inspection, please click here

Permit for Interprovincial Movement of Bees/Queens/Used Equipment
This permit is required for the interprovincial movement of bees, queens and used equipment. It is also required for international imports of queens and bee packages. Before movement of colonies or equipment into Alberta, an inspection must be performed by government inspectors of the exporting province/country. The inspection report must be submitted with a permit request form for moving bees or used equipment. Based on the inspection report, a permit will be issued for moving the bees or equipment to Alberta. An inspection by Alberta bee inspectors may be done on imported bees and equipment as needed. For more information please check our To submit your request for a colony movement permit, please click here.

Phytocertificate for Honey Exports
In order to ship honey internationally, a phytocertificate is required. To request a phytocertificate, please provide the chemical analyses report, American Foulbrood spores in honey report (if needed), pollen analyses report (if needed) and fill the attached application form. When all requested information submitted and approved, a certificate will be issued in 5 working days. To submit your request for a phytocertificate, please click here.

Abandoned Equipment or Colonies
Abandoned colonies or beekeeping equipment may harbor honey bee diseases and/or pests. To report abandoned equipment or colonies, please click here.
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This information published to the web on February 3, 2017.
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