Apiculture: Research

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The goal of the Alberta Apiculture research program is to ensure the continued health of bees and sustainable pollination services in Alberta. We have two apiculture research sites – The Lethbridge Research and Development Centre, Lethbridge, and the Crop Diversification Centre North, Edmonton.

We conduct research on:
  • Integrated pest management for bee parasites and pathogens
  • Development of pest control options for apiculture
  • Impacts of pesticides on bees
  • Quality and safety of honey
  • Honey bee management and nutrition
  • Hive products
  • Honey bee breeding and selection
  • Crop pollination, particularly canola
  • The behaviour and management of commercially operated bees

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This information published to the web on February 3, 2017.
Last Reviewed/Revised on January 21, 2019.