Things to Do / Things to Think About This Month - December 2018

  Hort Snacks - December 2018
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This Week
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  • Take advantage of this “slower time” opportunity and visit with fellow producers
  • Reflect on how the past season went
    • What worked?
    • What didn’t?
    • What could have been done?
    • How will you improve next year?
    • What is one thing that you will add next year?
    • What is one thing that you will drop next year?
  • Reflection sets the course for the future. Take the time to reflect on those who’ve assisted in making your business what it is today (e.g. family, suppliers, advertisers, customers, etc.)
    • CALL THEM / EMAIL THEM / Let them know
  • Ensure your plant / seed orders are in
  • Renew your annual association memberships
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This information published to the web on November 28, 2018.