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Hort Snacks is a monthly newsletter targeted at horticulture crop producers and related industry. It contains timely articles and topics related to all aspects of horticulture crop production operations, including production, business and marketing. Upcoming conferences and workshops (regional, provincial, national and international) are listed. There are also thought provoking items, as well as monthly interactive questions and answers.

The content of this newsletter flexes quite a bit each month. What is written depends on 3 things;
  1. Selected seasonal or anticipatory topics picked during annual planning of the newsletter,
  2. Articles or ideas that come up on a monthly basis – picked up at conferences, during conversations with people in industry, etc.,
  3. Suggestions and content from readers.

Anyone is free to offer suggestions, comments, respond to Q&As, submit relevant events, point out resources, etc. The length of the newsletter is not an issue. What is most important is that it contains what it needs to. The only restriction imposed is the file size, to allow for easier viewing by dial up users. Feel free to send something in.

The complete newsletter is available as a PDF document or individual articles can be viewed. Past issues of Hort Snacks will be maintained on-line for 1 year minus a day. Please feel free to share all or portions of this newsletter with other interested parties. If you want to use content from this newsletter in other media, please request permission before doing so.

People can subscribe to the newsletter and will be placed on the Hort Snacks mailing list, which means they will receive a notification that the new edition is now available for viewing, as well as occasional emails or mailouts with urgent updates/alerts or notifications of relevant events, projects or other items. To subscribe, send an email.

Rob Spencer, Commercial Horticulture Specialist
Alberta Ag-Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
310-FARM (3276)
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Last Reviewed/Revised on October 25, 2019.