Hort Snacks - October 2018

  Hort Snacks - October 2018
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 I’m becoming a bit disillusioned with Mother Nature, as she seems to be on a bit of a crazy streak this year. It is like all of the seasons are flipped and mixed up. We’ve had deep summer in spring, winter in late summer/fall and who knows what winter will be like. Confused yet? Yes, me too.

Regardless, here is another edition of Hort Snacks for you to read. Inside, you’ll find a range of articles for you. There are a range of different government programs that might be of use to you, if you want to dig into them a bit. You can also take some time to consider your (potential) role as a mentor (or mentee). And if you wanted to tell the difference between different pests that occasionally appear in some of our crops, you’ll find that the Insect and Disease of the Month (and some new videos) all compare the symptoms of a range of different pests and diseases.

When the season has drawn to a close (and I sincerely hope that it hasn’t yet), feel free to share how things went. What worked? What didn’t? And, as always, please share your information needs at any time, whether those are suggestions for articles, or extension programming that you are hoping for, or just a question that you have. You can connect via email, phone or in person throughout the winter at a few events. You can also connect via Twitter, if that is your thing. Have a great fall (if it ever comes back…

Rob Spencer, Commercial Horticulture Specialist

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This information published to the web on September 24, 2018.