Economics and Marketing: Market Information Sources for Western Canadian Farms

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 This is an updated fact sheet from the Economics and Marketing section of the Alberta Feedlot Management Guide, Second Edition published September 2000. The 1200 page guide is available for purchase on CD-ROM.
Good information gives a farm marketer power!

A successful farm marketer needs four kinds of market information:
  • price information
  • market analysis
  • market outlook
  • market strategy suggestions
The minimum price information you need is “what is the cash price today for my product?” More complete price information also gives forward contract prices and, perhaps, futures and basis levels, if those market tools are available.

Market analysis explains to you what happened to prices recently and why it happened? Good market analysis helps marketers understand what’s happening to markets or government policy locally and outside your area or country and how those factors affect prices and markets for your products here at home.

Market outlook uses information from market analysis, technical analysis and experienced guesses to forecast prices. An outlook is never perfect but a good outlook gives a producer something to compare his own price forecasts to. It also helps prevent producers, who are perpetual optimists, from waiting for unrealistically high prices in the future.

Market strategies are suggestions for ways to take advantage of current or expected market opportunities.

What makes information “good”?
Good information is up-to-date. Out-of-date market information isn’t totally useless but the older it gets, the less useful it is.

Good market information almost always costs something. Even a great deal of the so-called “free” information on the Internet isn’t actually free because a user must pay for a computer and Internet access. Remember, that information is worth paying for.

A.J. BAT Inc.
846 - 167 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0V3
tel: 204-942-1459
Delivery Method: Web

A.J. Bat is an on-line grain market that allows farmers to post offers to sell their crops and buyers to post offers to buy crops. A.J. Bat is a quick way to see what other producers have sold or offered to sell grain, oilseeds, special crops and hay for in your area or anywhere on the Prairies.
There is a sample report on the website.
The cost is $99 per year. For more information contact the website at

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD)
7000-113 street
Edmonton, AB T6H 5T6
tel: 780-422-3981
Delivery Method: radio stations and mobile app

Call of the Land is a five day-a-week agricultural radio program produced by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. This information and extension program is aired on 25 Alberta radio stations, and reaches a daily audience of over 110,000 listeners. Regular market related features include a livestock market commentary provided by Herb Lock of Farm$ense Marketing (Mondays) and a crops market commentary provided by Errol Anderson of ProMarket Communications (Fridays). Chuck Penner of Left Field Commodity Research also does a biweekly pulse crop report.

A list of stations and program times is available at$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/info5043
The Call of the Land homepage, which includes current and archived program audio, as well as links for the iOS and Android apps, is located at$department/newslett.nsf/homemain/cotl

Alberta Beef Producers
165, 6815 - 8th Street N.E.
Calgary, AB T2E 7H7
tel: 403-275-4400
Delivery Method: web and many radio stations
  1. The Slaughter report gives western Canadian slaughter heifer and steer live and rail prices, Alberta slaughter bull and cow prices, mid-day Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) live cattle futures quotes, the Canadian dollar exchange rate, and US slaughter steer prices.
  2. The Feeder report gives prices for feeder steers and heifers, bred cows and heifers and cow-calf pairs, depending on time of year. The information is provided by auction marts throughout Alberta.
    The both reports are updated before 10:00 a.m., Alberta time, each weekday. The report is available at:

Alberta Canola Producers Commission
#170 14315 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5L 4S6
tel: 780- 454- 0844
Delivery Method: telephone, Web, email, tweeter, and facebook

The Alberta Canola Producers Commission provides daily grain prices for different regions in Alberta. The commission also prepares the information of CBOT futures market for soybean, soybean oil, soybean meal, corn and oats, ICE futures market for canola and barley, MGE futures market for hard red spring wheat, KCBT futures market for hard red winter wheat and CME futures market for Canadian exchange rate. The weekly feed grain prices for different regions in Alberta are also available on this website. Farmers can subscribe at the website to receive updates by email, or could follow them on the tweeter and facebook. Additional details and links are available at the website:

Alberta Wheat Commission
#200, 6815-­8th Street NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 7H7
tel: 403-717-3711
Toll Free: 1-855-917-3711
Delivery Method: telephone and the Web

The Alberta Wheat Commission provides daily commentary for different grain markets. The service also quotes weekly futures prices, basis and net for various types of wheat in different regions of Alberta. This information, with additional details like futures prices, is also available on the Web at:

Agriculture Canada, Market Analysis Division
500-303 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB
tel: 204-983-8473
Delivery Method: mail, Web or e-mail

The Outlook for principal field crops gives market information and in-depth market analysis on specific issues about the Canadian and international grain, oilseed, special crops markets. It includes supply and disposition tables and price and market outlook for Canadian grains and oilseeds and special crops.
The Outlook for principal field crops is available on the website at no charge.

The historical data is also available with no charge by requesting it at the following e-mail address:
Rimbey, AB
tel: 403-843-3966
Delivery Method: e-mail

BEEFLINK is Canada's premier privately owned agricultural market and market opportunity information, consulting and analysis service. Fee for service is $2500.00 per day for written and live delivery. Now serving farmers, innovators and investors for 25 years.

Canadian Oilseed Processors Association
2150 - 360 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB, R3C 3Z3
tel: 204-956-9500
Delivery method: website
1.The Copa Weekly includes the estimated weekly Canadian canola and soybean crush, year to date totals, capacity utilization and graphs of the Canadian Canola Board Margin Index and the US Soybean Board Margins. The Copa Weekly is free of charge and available at
  1. The Copa Monthly includes statistics covering all aspects of the oilseed and oilseed product sectors such as crop production, crushings, stocks, trade and supply/disposition tables. The Copa Monthly is free of charge and available at
958 - 167 Lombard Ave.
Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0V3
Tel: 204-942-1459 or 800-567-567

1) The Canada Pulse Report is a pulse-market report on Canadian pulses e-mailed each Tuesday. It gives short updates on the Canadian pulse industry as well as specific comments on each of lentils, peas, chickpeas and edible beans as well as current pulse cash prices for Canada and the northern US.
A one year subscription costs $195. Contact Canada Pulse Report in Winnipeg for a free trial.
Delivery Method: e-mail

2) The Canadian Grain & Livestock Newswire features Canadian grain market information and analysis with weekly analysis of the Chicago Board of Trade. The service is updated throughout the day starting with a pre-opening comment on the Winnipeg market and operates every day that ICE Futures Canada is open.
A one-year subscription costs $100. Quarterly subscriptions cost $30. More information is available on the Web at

CNS Canada Ltd., Winnipeg, MB
tel: 204-942-1459 or 800-567-5671
Delivery Method: Web

3) Wild Oats Grain Market Advisory is a grain marketing service for prairie farmers. Once a week Wild Oats reports the news that affects prairie crops including relevant Canadian and international statistics, it analyses the markets for canola, wheat, durum, flax, malt and feed barley, lentils, peas, mustards and canary with emphasis on how a prairie farmer can profit. It gives specific sales recommendations throughout the year ensuring that the entire crop is sold within one crop year. It also gives cash price quotes for grains, oilseeds and special crops for each of Alberta , Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
A one year subscription costs $295 is delivered by either mail (40 issues), fax (52 issues) or Web (52 issues). It is an extra-cost service on DTN. A sample copy of Wild Oats is available by calling 1-800-567-5671 or can be viewed on the Web at

Wild Oats Publishing
958 - 167 Lombard Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
tel: 800-567-5671 or 204-942-1459
Delivery Method: Mail, Fax, Web or DTN

4) The Prairie Ag Hotwire reports the news affecting agriculture in western Canada and the northern United States. An e-mail sent every business day by 7:30 am summarizes the important stories from here on the prairies and around the world over the past 24 hours and provides direct links to agriculture related news, reports and statistics located during a daily search of the internet.
A one year subscription costs $99. A free one week trial is available by calling Prairie Ag Hotwire or through its web site at

958 – 167 Lombard Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
tel: 800-567-5671 or 204-942-1459
Delivery Method: e-mail

5) The Ray Garnett Climate Letter is a publication of Agro-Climatic Consulting and provides early warning intelligence on global weather and its projected impact on crop prospects. Agro-Climatic Consulting has a track record second-to-none. Reports are distributed by e-mail twice monthly.
A one-year subscription costs $195. Quarterly subscriptions cost $65. More information is available on the Web at

958 – 167 Lombard Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
Tel: 800-567-5671 or 204-942-1459
Delivery Method: e-mail

CanFax, Canadian Cattlemen's Association
180, 6815 - 8th St. NE
Calgary, AB T2E 7H7
tel: 403 275-5110
Delivery Method: fax, e-mail or mail

1) The CanFax Daily Market Snapshot is a daily, one-page summary of the Alberta and US cattle market sent out about noon. It provides Alberta slaughter and feeder cattle prices and Alberta barley and US corn futures quotes. It also gives US slaughter cattle quotes, US beef cutout values, Canadian exchange rates and a brief market comment.
The Snapshot costs $100 per year by e-mail, $150 per year by fax. It is free to all feedlot members.
The Canfax website at has more information including a sample report. Click on “Subscribe Now” on the website to subscribe.

2) The CanFax Monthly Trends Report provides detailed projected and actual break-even analysis reports on steer & heifer calves, yearlings, and short keeps. It provides CanFax calculated breakeven prices and uses graphs to show how breakevens have changed in the past.
The Monthly Trends Report is $100 per year by e-mail or $125 per year by mail. It is free to feedlots of 3501 head or more that are subscribers to Canfax Weekly.
The Canfax website at has more information including sample reports. Click on “Subscribe Now” on the website to subscribe.

3) The CanFax Quarterly Report is a scaled-down CanFax Weekly (see below) for producers who don’t need quite as much detailed information. It provides six pages of beef cattle commentary and charts discussing inventories, trade, cattle and feed grain prices, slaughter grading and current industry issues.
The Quarterly Report costs $125 per year by e-mail.
The Canfax website at has more information including sample reports. Click on “Subscribe Now” on the website to subscribe.

4) The detailed four-page CanFax Weekly, produced Fridays, gives very detailed information and short-term outlook on the cattle and beef markets. Slaughter information includes live and rail slaughter steer prices, kill numbers by grade and sex, Canadian red meat production, average carcass weights, by-product values and wholesale beef prices. Feeder information includes Alberta-wide prices, numbers marketed and outlook. US market information includes Friday futures closes, live and rail slaughter cattle prices and slaughter numbers. Also quoted are eastern and western Canadian feed grain prices.
A less comprehensive Weekly is available as part of the basic service on DTN.
Prices for The Weekly vary by size and type of beef operation. Fees for cow-calf or backgrounder operations are $125 by e-mail, $200 by mail or $150 by fax. Fees for feedlots vary by the number of animals marketed annually. There is a minimum fee for smaller feedlots, $200 by email, $250 by fax, and $275 by mail.
CanFax also provides a number of special custom faxed reports at various costs.
The Canfax website at has more information including sample reports. Click on “Subscribe Now” on the website to subscribe.

5) The Weekly Slaughter and Grade Report provides detailed slaughter grading specs, carcass weights and sex of slaughter for the previous week and for the year-to-date. The Weekly Slaughter and Grade Report costs $125 per year by e-mail. The Canfax website at has more information including sample reports. Click on “Subscribe Now” on the website to subscribe.

Century Publishing CO.
Winnipeg, MB
tel: 800-749-2350
Delivery Method: e-mail

1) AGRILINE DAILY is the original daily commodity news and information service concentrating primarily on grains and oilseeds grown in western Canada. It includes all the news (Canadian, US, foreign) that can affect prices and markets for major Canadian crops, crop and weather reports from around the world, supply and demand, key statistical reports, commodity price summary, and 3-5 day predictions. AGRILINE DAILY costs $99 for 3 months or $225 for 6 month or $425 for a year and 5% GST is applied on the prices.

2) AGRIWEEK covers agricultural and agribusiness news, crop and livestock market reports, statistics, market news and forecasts, government policy decisions.
AGRIWEEK costs $154 for a year subscription for individuals. An additional $42 is applied if the delivery method is selected by fax or mail and 5% GST is applied.
There are some bundle offers as well as a sample newsletter and more information available at the Century Publishing website at

DePutter Publishing Ltd.
200-190 Wortley Road
London, ON, N6C 4Y7
tel: 800-434-0834
Delivery Method: mail, fax or e-mail

1) Ag- Alert is a three-part service aimed primarily at Ontario producers but of some benefit to Prairie farmers who grow grain corn or soybeans. Ag-Alert includes a daily market report, a twice-monthly newsletter and telephone market consultations.
The daily market report gives daily information on futures and cash markets and information on crop conditions, weather, and supply and demand. The daily report also gives futures buy and sell recommendations based on technical analysis. The newsletter concentrates on long-term outlook and marketing strategies. Commodities covered include corn and other feed grains, soybeans, soybean meal, wheat, canola and hogs and cattle.
The cost per year for the newsletter and daily market report is $350 per year. For more information, look up the Ag-Alert website at

2) Good Morning Prairies is a five-minute information manager delivered to your email box every weekday morning. It packages all the latest agricultural news from around the world and in Western Canada into a quick, easy-to-read format that brings farmers the market forces affecting their business and the marketing opportunities for their crops. It also provides the latest futures prices and more in-depth information. The annual subscription price is C$195 per year.
Look up the Good Morning Prairies at

Farm$ense Marketing
6114 - 37A Ave
Edmonton, AB, T6L 1H4
te l: 780-466-3599
Delivery Method: e-mail

The Farm$ense Weekly, published Sunday each week, makes recommendations on price and basis risk management strategies based on current market conditions for marketers of weaned calves, feeders and finished cattle. It reports CME feeder cattle, live cattle and Canadian dollar futures closes. It gives recent packer offers on cash slaughter cattle, and basis and forward contracts. It also includes comments on major reports such as the US and Canadian Cattle-on-Feed reports.
The costs for Farm$ense Weekly are $300 per year by e-mail. A subscription for Farm$ense Weekly includes one-on-one consulting with the author on the cattle markets. Part year rates for the newsletter or consulting-only services are available as needed.
There is more information at the Farm$ense website at

George Morris Centre
107 - 100 Stone Road West
Guelph, ON, N1G 5L3
tel: 519-822-3929

1) The Canadian Boxed Beef Report is a weekly newsletter that provides short-term market analysis of the Canadian boxed beef market. The report offers a description and explanation of the previous week's market developments as well as a forecast of short- term pricing. Subscribers, who would benefit most from the report, are participants in the beef industry or those who need to be aware of rapidly changing events in the market.
The cost is $260.00 per year for delivery by mail or by e-mail.
Delivery Method: e-mail

2) The Canadian Cattle Buyer CCB provides detailed news, analysis and market outlook for the Alberta and Ontario beef slaughter and feeder markets featuring an insider slant on the slaughter markets. It makes good use of many diverse information sources from Canada and the US CCB is published twice monthly (bi-weekly).
The cost is $200.00 per year for delivered by mail or by e-mail. Sample newsletters are available on the website. A free trial subscription is also available.
Contact the George Morris Center by phone or at its website at George Morris Centre for a free trial or to subscribe.
Delivery Method: mail or e-mail

3) The Canadian Chicken Market Review provides news, analysis and market outlook for the Ontario and, indirectly, the Alberta chicken meat and egg markets. It offers price outlook for feed inputs, such as soybean meal and feed grains such as corn. It gives a brief price forecasts for competing meats such as beef and pork.
CCMR is published monthly and costs $175.00 per year by mail or e-mail. Sample newsletters are available on the website. A free trial subscription is also available.
Contact the George Morris Center by phone or at its website at for a free trial or to subscribe.
Delivery Method: mail or e-mail

4) The Canadian Pork Market Review gives news, analysis and market outlook for the Ontario and Alberta hog market with a special look at the slaughter industry. It gives price forecasts for the following week and for two to three months into the future. As with its sister publications, CPMR makes good use of many market information sources from Canada and the US.
CPMR is published twice monthly. It costs $250.00 per year by mail or e-mail. Sample newsletters are available on the website. A free trial subscription is also available.
Contact the George Morris Center by phone or at its website at for a free trial or to subscribe.
Delivery Method: mail or e-mail

Market Master, Ltd.
8504 -75 Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T6C 0H1
tel: 780-944-9569 or 800-440-8390
Delivery Method: mail, fax or Web

Grainwise is a weekly, two to three pages summary of the markets for the major grains and oilseeds. It includes suggestions on futures, options and cash grain marketing strategies. Grainwise also keeps an eye on basis levels and includes “A Buyer’s Perspective” comments from grain buyers.
Grainwise costs $125 plus GST per year by mail, fax or Web. More information about Grainwise is available on at Click on Archived Grainwise to see sample issues.

Peace Country Prices
Morgan, Rycroft, AB
tel: 780-765-3604 or 780-765-2337
Delivery Method: e-mail or fax

Peace Country Prices, intended for Alberta and B.C. Peace region producers, is a detailed, two-page market price update, available daily or weekly. It gives cash prices, basis quotes and forward prices for all grain companies, crushers and some feedmills that source grain, oilseeds and special crops from the Peace. It also gives feed grain quotes from northern Alberta feedlots. WCE futures closes and CWB initial prices and pool return outlooks are provided. Peace Country Prices also provides local perennial grass seed prices with some reports.
Peace Country Prices costs $9.00 per month or $108.00 per year by e-mail. The cost for daily fax delivery is $22 per month or $264 per year. The weekly report costs $2.00 per week or $104 per year.

Pro Farmer Canada
Winnipeg, MB,
tel: 204-654-4290.
Delivery Method: e-mail and Web or satellite

Pro Farmer Canada provides market news and outlook for grains, oilseeds, and special crops. In addition Pro Farmer Canada makes detailed marketing strategy suggestions for each farm commodity mentioned above. Pro Farmer Canada offers a comprehensive series of daily and weekly reports that give mid-day and closing futures prices, what influenced prices and what the implications are to producers.
A trial version of the Canadian service is available from the Pro Farmer Canada website at or by phoning (204)654-4290.
Pro Farmer Canada costs CN$450 per year. It is also available as an optional service on DTN.

ProMarket Wire
ProMarket Communications, Inc.
Calgary, AB
tel: 403-275-5555.
Delivery Method: fax or Web

ProMarket Wire is a daily market report designed specifically for the Western Canadian grain and livestock producer. The ‘Wire’ highlights risk management strategies, tips and cash market comments.
Impact of currency changes, hedging opportunities, cash contract premiums and option strategies are all part of this report.
ProMarket Wire is available via e-mail or fax for $395 per year. A sample of this newsletter can be viewed at

STAT Communications, Ltd.
Surrey, B.C.
tel: 604-535-8505
Delivery Method: Web and e-mail

The STAT website provides detailed articles and coverage of peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, canaryseed and all other crops. It provides valuable price graphs, export trade statistics, international production data and a selection of regularly updated supply and demand projections. Subscribers receive information several times each week by e-mail. The same material sent by e-mail but with more detail is available on the website.
The cost for a one year subscription to STAT website is $475 per year. There are special pricing arrangements for farmer marketing clubs. Each club member can get a subscription to the STAT website for $45 per year if the club buys one full subscription for $475 per year.
There is also a platinum subscription available at a cost of $1600 per year. This includes import and export trade data for European Union members and countries such as India, Mexico, Canada, the United States and Australia. Platinum subscribers also have free access to a growing library of statistical books.
The STAT website is
Delivery Method: Web

TC Charts provides immediate access to thier members charts, quotes and news. There is also an additional innovative features which get them intra-day quotes for the markets that they are interest in a single page, plus end-of-day data for the symbols of, in a convenient table format, price alerts by email, and daily data download. TC Charts and quotes cover many exchanges, including CME, CBOT, WCE, NYMEX/COMEX, NYBOT, KCBT, and MGE.
The charts are provided at the cost of $39.00/year but accompanied by paid advertising. The charts are also available without advertising for a cost of $55.00/year. The TC Charts website is at

Weber Commodities Market Letter
Weber Commodities, Ltd.
Saskatoon, SK.
Delivery Method: E-mail or fax

The Weber Market Letter is a daily newsletter emailed to the subscribers every day the markets are open. The newsletter gives futures closes for canola, soybeans, Minneapolis wheat, Chicago corn and some foreign exchange. It also quotes bids for most special crops delivered to various areas on the Prairies. As well, the Market Letter provides market background information such as seeded acreage, world weather conditions and more.
The Weber Market Letter costs $265 per year by e-mail. Subscribers also have access to the full website and prices. Weber Commodities website is at

Market Information Shopping Hint
Many services offer their information packages on a trial basis for no cost. Ask for a short trial subscription to see if you like what they have to offer.

1. Prices, except where noted, do not include GST.
2. Prices may have changed after this newsletter was initially written in June, 2014.
3. I have tried to include as many information sources as possible. Any omissions are accidental and do not imply support for only those sources mentioned here.
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