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Strategic Research and Development Program

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Introduction to the Strategic Research and Development Program

The Strategic Research and Development Program targets innovative and progressive approaches to
a) enhance productivity and efficiency; b) improve competitiveness; c) target differentiated products and new value-added products; d) sustainable production to promote responsible use of resources and improve animal welfare, or animal or crop health; and e) address consumer demand and social license within Alberta’s livestock or crop industry (AAF business plan can be found here).

SRDP Terms and Conditions

The SRDP grant program funds the spectrum of basic to applied research. The projects will address key needs and gaps in research that align with three focus areas:
  1. Economic Development and Competitiveness;
  2. Environmental Stewardship; and
  3. Assurance and Public Safety.

How to Apply
LOI and Full Proposal submissions for the SRDP are to be made through the on-line electronic submission system. The on-line system can be found at https://www.fundingconsortium.gov.ab.ca/AAF/Account.

Please select the appropriate intake window for the focus of your proposal. Each of the three listed focus areas (above) have their own dedicated intake window.

Once LOIs have been reviewed, the Full Proposal form will be made available to those applicants with successful LOIs. The applications will be thoroughly reviewed internally, by external peer-review, and by an external technical review committee. The SRDP is a competitive, merit-based funding program.

If you have previously submitted your LOI and/or Full Proposal through the Agriculture Funding Consortium (AFC), you do NOT need to resubmit the same proposal through the SRDP.


Application Templates
Letter-of-Intent Template
Full Proposal Template

Reporting Templates
Interim Report Template
Final Report Template
Financial Reporting Template - applies to both interim and final reports

Current SRDP call(s) for proposals

General 2018-2019 Strategic Research and Development Program Call for Proposals
The general SRDP call has a rolling intake. Reviews typically take approximately 3-4 months after the LOI is received for a decision on funding.

Timeframe for the general call in Research & Development – three LOI review deadlines have been established to ensure a timely and competitive application process;
  1. September 21st, 2018
  2. November 23rd, 2018 @12:00 pm (Noon); and
  3. January 25th, 2019 @12:00 pm (Noon)

2018-2019 Environmental Stewardship Targeted Call for Proposals
This Environmental Stewardship (ES) call will target science and research activities are targeted toward the development and assessment of practices that improve agriculture’s management of:
  • GHG emission reduction and air quality enhancement;
  • Climate change and adaptation;
  • Enhancing water quality, management, availability and water use efficiency;
  • Maintaining and enhancing soil health and quality, while minimizing soil erosion; and
  • Maintaining and improving biodiversity.
2018-2019-Assurance and Public Safety Call for Proposals
This Assurance and Public Safety (APS) call will target science and research activities are targeted toward the development and assessment of practices that improve agriculture’s management of:
  • Enhance plant and animal health;
  • Enhance food safety;
  • Improve responsible animal care and welfare;
  • Mitigate antimicrobial resistance in agriculture; and
  • Contain and reduce of established pests and the prevention new pests.
Table 1. Milestones and Timelines for ES and APS Targeted Call for Proposals.
Milestone:Deadline date:Status:
Competition LaunchAugust 20, 2018Completed
Letters of Intent DueSeptember 21, 2018Completed
Invitations of selected letters of intent for proposal developmentOctober 15, 2018 Ongoing
Proposals due @ NOON (12:00 pm)November 8, 2018Ongoing
Start date for projectsMarch 1, 2019Ongoing

Current Partnered Calls

The Agriculture Funding Consortium:
Is an ongoing annual open call for proposals
Full proposal invites have been sent out to successful LOIs as of May 11th, 2018.
Full proposals are due on August 10th, 2018
Final decisions on projects will be announced on or before January 11th, 2019

For more information please go to: www.fundingconsortium.ca

Genome Alberta and A3GP

In partnership with Genome Alberta, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry (AAF) announced on April 3, 2018 the launch of the Alberta Applied Agricultural Genomics Program (A3GP). 

This funding competition aims to support the advancement of genomics-enabled research to address challenges and opportunities important to Alberta’s agriculture and agri-food sectors. The A3GP will provide funding for genomics-based research projects of up to $250,000 over a period of 2 years. Genome Alberta and AAF will support 100% of eligible project costs, and research projects are encouraged to leverage this investment with other sources of funding. Research proposals where investigators are participating in larger national or international efforts are strongly encouraged. Full proposal invites have been sent out to the applicants and deadline for submission in July 31, 2018.

Genome Alberta will be administering the A3GP call. For questions on project focus and eligibility please contact: 
Niall Kerrigan
Program Coordinator, Genome Alberta
(403) 210-5252

The intake for the A3GP program will not be through RFOAS. Please see the following website for more details:

Past Calls for Proposals

Agriculture Funding Consortium Call for Proposals opened March 1, 2018 and closed April 13, 2018.
The Agriculture Funding Consortium (AFC) is a voluntary body comprised of 12 organizations, each of which is responsible for its own priorities and investment mandate. The purpose of a collaborative one-window approach to funding agriculture research and innovation is to coordinate the proposal process, funding provided and stimulate private/public sector participation in Alberta’s agriculture and the food industry. Information on current areas of research and innovation investment is available from each individual organization or by going to http://www.fundingconsortium.ca.

2018-2019 AFC Open Call for Proposals
The invitations to full proposals received by the AFC have been sent to the successful applicants. This year we received 170 letters-of-intent requesting $44.5 million. Seventy full proposals were requested to submit a full proposal, asking for $23.2 million in support for a total value of $45.2 million in research and development proposals. The average request per project was $301,300.

2017-2018 SRDP Open Call for Proposals
The review of the 2017-2018 full proposals received the SRDP is now complete. This year we received 67 LOIs, and put forward 22 full proposals. Announcements for successful projects were completed and announced to the applicants prior to March 31, 2018.

2017-2018 AFC Open Call for Proposals
The review of the 2017 full proposals received by the AFC is now complete. This year we received 182 letters-of-intent requesting $47.1 million. One hundred full proposals were requested, asking for $24.8 million in support for a total value of $51.0 million in research and development proposals. The average request per project was $251,000.

Project Listings
This section is under construction
2017-2018 SRDP funded projects
2016-2017 SRDP funded projects

Historical Project Listing

Historical project listings, business plans, and disclosure documents can be found here.

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