Tomlinson, Henry - 2004 Hall of Fame Inductee

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Henry James Tomlinson’s recognition of the need for a rural gas service in Alberta led to a twenty-seven-year commitment to turning it into a reality. Under his leadership, the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops became one of the leading and most effective rural advocacy organizations in Alberta, and the largest rural gas organization in the world, serving over 100,000 residences, farms and businesses. Henry’s inspired leadership kept the co-ops united as an organization and brought them from being solely an advocacy group to being a fully functional business. As well, his constant work with the provincial government, and his ambassadorship in Ottawa on behalf of the co-ops paid immense dividends for Alberta farmers. These successes included the replacing of 4600 kilometres of leaking plastic pipe in Alberta in the early 1970s and the removal of the federal excise tax on natural gas in 1984. Most of all, Henry’s leadership, perseverance and innovation helped bring natural gas to every rural and small community home in Alberta. When it is minus 30 outside, Henry’s contribution to a better quality of life for rural Albertans can most definitely be felt.

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This information published to the web on November 9, 2004.
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