Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductees

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2018 Inductees

Three Alberta visionaries have been honoured by the Agriculture Hall of Fame in recognition the their contributions to the cattle-feeding, crop science, and greenhouse industries. Click on the images below to view their profiles:

Garnet Altwasser
Dr. Ron Howard Dieter Kulhmann

Further information on the 2018 inductees is available in this online bulletin and on these Call of the Land radio segments.

The Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame was created to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the agriculture and food industry and to the development and sustainability of rural life in Alberta,

Since 1951, 135 Albertans have been honoured for their leadership and accomplishments within the agriculture sector.


Allen, Hugh W.
Altwasser, Garnet
Anderson, Carl J.
Anderson, Clarence E.
Anderson, Hubert N.
Armstrong, Ellen
Ausenhus, Calvin Wayne
Babey, Paul
Ballantyne, Dr. Edwin E.
Barker, Mabel
Beattie, Allan Wilson
Bell, N. Frederick
Benson, William S.
Bentley, Fred
Berg, Dr. Roy T.
Bergen, Dr. Peter
Bielish, Hon. Martha Palamarek
Birdsall, John Everett
Braithwaite, Hazel Eva
Brewin, Jack
Briosi, Andrew Arthur
Buckley, Harvey J.
Burton, Dr. Gordon L.
Charnetski, Alexander John
Chisholm, Eion Alistair
Christie, James Panton
Church, George
Church, Dr. Robert B.
Clark, Curtis
Collicutt, Frank H.
Coupland, Molly
Daniels, Arthur Martin
Daugela, George
Droog, Dr. Tom
Dudley, George T.
Edgar, Wilfred J.
Entrup, Helmut P.
Evans, Dr. Ieuan
Fairfield, William H.
Fallwell, Frank
Friesen, Leonard
Gallinger, Claude
Glazier, John
Godel, George
Gorr, Jack Gaylyn
Graham, James Harold
Gray, Norma Jean
Grisdale, Frank S.
Gurba, Joseph B.
Hamilton, Mabel
Hammer, Allan (Hoss)
Haney, Howard Benton
Haney, Leonard
Hargrave, Herbert Thomas (Bert)
Harrold, Gordon
Hayes, Charles P.
Helm, Dr. James Henry
Helmer, Lawrence
Hendrigan, Lou
Hilton, Gordon
Horner, Hugh
Hosford, J.W.
Howard, Dr. Ron
Hunter, George
Jacobs, Frank
Jensen, Irene Leda
Jensen, Lalovee R.
Jespersen, Ralph
Jevne, Jacqueline
Johnston, Joseph H.
Johnston, Louise Vogel
Kapicki, Michael
Kharbanda, Dr. Prem D.
Kaufmann, Martin
Kennelly, Dr. John
Kroeger, Henry
Kuhlmann, Dietrich (Dieter)
Langelier, Jean
Lea, W. Dobson
Lee, Lloyd Errington
Livingston, Tom C.
Lobay, William (Bill)
MacDonald, Vera G.
Macpherson, Allan
Maddock, Francis W.
Malm, Nelson
Marler, Roy C.
Marliss, Ethel
Matthews, Donald
McKay, J.M. (Mickey)
McKinnon, Charles H.
McLaughlin, J. Harold
Mead, W.H.T. (Bill)
Michael, Hugh H.
Mills, Chris
Mirza, Dr. Mohyuddin
Morkeberg, Daniel J.
Morrison, Dr. Ian
Newcombe, Frederick Horace
Noble, Charles
Page, Richard (Dick) J.
Palmer, Dr. A.E.
Paquette, Gloria
Parlby, Beatrice
Pedersen, Elizabeth H.
Prestage. Robert (Bob)
Price, Stanley Alan
Prudek, V. C. (Lud)
Platt, Arnold W.
Plumer, Benjamin S.
Reed, Tom
Robinson, Dr. Frank
Ross, Winifred
Sauder, Penrose Melvin
Schultz, Edward Carl
Schwenk, Herman
Shimbashi, Edward Jim
Simonet, Robert
Stacey, Clifford
Steinhauer, Ralph G.
Stothart, John Gilmour
Strom, Harry
Taylor, Kathleen Ivy
Thiessen, Jacob Werner
Thomas, Phillip M.
Tomlinson, Henry James
Toogood, Dr. John Alfred
Townsend, Isobel Rose
Van De Walle, Walter
Van Ray, Cornelius (Cor)
Wallace, John Alexander
Ward, Milton H.
Wilson, Arthur M.
Wood, Henry Wise
Young, Henry
The award ceremony is held every two years. The next induction cycle will begin the spring of 2020.

For more information, contact:
Colin Gosselin
Senior Project Manager
Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame
Toll-free 310-0000 then dial 780-968-3518

Nomination Information

Who is eligible?
Individuals, who have demonstrated leadership in farm, rural or commodity organizations, or in the food industry, are eligible candidates for the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame. Leadership must have been demonstrated over many years at the provincial level, and the candidate must have made a significant province wide impact on the industry as a whole.

Who can nominate someone to the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame?
The candidate must be nominated by three individuals other than members of the candidate's immediate family. The nomination form must be signed by all three nominators.

Nominators may submit the nomination on behalf of an organization, or independently as an individual.

Nominations are now closed. This form is provided for information purposes only.

2018 Nomination Form

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print it. A free reader can be downloaded from Adobe.

Who sits on the Selection Panel?
The Selection Panel is appointed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and is comprised of a cross section of individuals representing Alberta's agriculture industry. They review all of the nominations and make recommendations for the Minister's decision.

Canadian Agriculture Hall of Fame
The national mission of the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame compliments Alberta's program. Interested individuals can learn more at

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