Prudek, V. C. (Lud) - 2002 Hall of Fame Inductee

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 Prudek, V. C. (Lud) - 2002 Hall of Fame Inductee
Lud Prudek will long be remembered as the visionary who saw the need for the introduction and promotion of value-added alternative crops in Alberta and Western Canada as being key to a sustainable farming future. He was instrumental in the development of the dry bean industry in Alberta in the 1950's and co-founded the original Bow Island bean processing plant in 1968, operating it for 10 years. Lud was equally involved in the leadership and development of soft white spring wheat, pulse crops, sugar beets and potato sectors in Southern Alberta. He strongly promoted the need for research and development, serving both Canada and Alberta in key advisory roles. He pioneered gated pipe irrigation, as well as salinity and seepage control through the transporting of water in pipelines. With his leadership, pulse crops grew to a 100-million-dollar industry where none had existed before. He was a sustainable farmer long before its practices became popular. Farming specialty crops for 50 years, Lud is a rare individual whose personality and work example generated many enduring legacies.

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