Kuhlmann, Dietrich (Dieter)

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Mr. Dietrich (Dieter) Kuhlmann has been a leader in growing
Alberta's horticulture industry for more than 50 years. Three
generations of family are now actively involved in running
Kuhlmann's - the greenhouse, garden, and market, originally
founded by Kuhlmann and his wife Elizabeth in 1962. To this
day, they have maintained their focus on outstanding relationships
and selling direct to the customer. He has been an ongoing
champion for the horticulture industry and the success of other
growers, demonstrating that they can all benefit by learning and
working together. Kuhlmann is Past President and founding member
of the Alberta Greenhouse Growers association , an organization
set up to identify and collectively act on issues of critical importance
to growers. Recognizing the opportunity for Alberta growers to
market cooperatively, he also worked to establish Sunfresh Farms,
a grower-owned packing and distribution facility, bringing better
revenues to member farms. A former Director of the Alberta Crop
Industry Development fund, Kuhlmann continues to promote local
horticulture projects, believing that research and development is
essential to the continued growth of the horticultural industry in
Alberta. Treating everyone in the industry like family, he has a
special gift for meeting and greeting the people that cross his path.

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This information published to the web on November 6, 2018.