Evans, Dr. Ieuan R. - 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee

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As a provincial pathologist, Dr. Ieuan Evans, or Dr. Copper as he is known prairie-wide, has literally saved prairie farmers countless millions of dollars in grain yield and quality. In the early 1980s, he helped to demonstrate that some 30 to 40 per cent of Alberta cropland was deficient in copper for cereal production. Armed with this knowledge, producers saw their crop yields soar. In the mid-1980s, he organized the Blackleg Control Program of Canola. It is estimated by the Alberta Canola Commission that this program prevented Alberta canola growers between $300 and $500 million in losses. In the 1990s, Ieuan was instrumental in setting up the highly successful Fusarium Headblight Control Program in Alberta. He also conducted groundbreaking work on fireblight, ran the effective bacterial ring rot of potatoes control program for 16 years, and is a founding member, and current vice president, of STOPDED (Society to Prevent Dutch Elm Disease). Ieuan is known province-wide as a horticulturist. His Alberta-developed Evans Cherry trees have sold in the millions across Canada and the United States. Seeing healthy crops flourishing across the province is a reminder of Ieuan’s invaluable contribution to Alberta’s agriculture industry.

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