Fallwell, Frank - 2006 Hall of Fame inductee

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Despite what he modestly says, Frank Fallwell is far more than just “a fish monger from Calgary.” Frank has given much to build and sustain provincial agricultural organizations such as the Agricultural Products Marketing Council, Growing Alberta and the Alberta Food Processors Association. Frank’s leadership at the Agriculture and Food Council led to one of the most successful and effective Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development (CARD) programs in the country. But it is as an ambassador of Alberta’s agriculture and food industry that he is at his finest. A skilled diplomat, he has the knack for building bridges between adversaries, across thorny issues and over major challenges. He has brokered creative solutions, forged innovative partnerships and solved seemingly insurmountable problems by knowing how to get the decision makers in one room and creating an environment for positive dialogue. Frank Fallwell is a gentleman who has always worn his passion for Alberta’s agriculture and food industry on his sleeve – proudly and unabashedly.

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