Student Supervision and Monitoring

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 The monitoring and assessment process is a partnership and sharing of expertise between the school representative and the Green Certificate participants. It involves the cooperation and understanding of the roles of the trainee, trainer, Green Certificate tester and the school representative. This monitoring and assessment of the training that is taking place is also addressed and highlighted during the induction meeting.

Prior to, or immediately upon the student’s placement with the trainer and their farm operation, the school representative is asked to:

1. Provide the on-farm trainer with a copy of the Alberta Education course curriculum and communicate how it relates to the specific specialization of the Green Certificate Program in which the student is training. (e.g., cow-calf, feedlot, dairy, etc.)

2. Explain, to the trainer, the process the school representative will be using when overseeing the student’s progress and reviewing his or her performance, including:

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