Triticale Manual - Feedback and Questionnaire

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 Please fill out this questionnaire to assist us in monitoring crop development and use of triticale. It will also provide us with a contact address if you wish to receive future updates to the manual and technical information. Thank you for your cooperation.

Address:_____________________________________ Postal code____________

Email address_____________________________________________________

Telephone number__________________________________________________


How many years have you been growing or working with triticale?____________

Are you growing
___ spring ___ winter ___ both

What markets or uses are you growing it for (please check)
___ grain for human consumption
___ grains for feed
___ silage
___ green feed
___ swath grazing
___ grazing
___ combination of silage and fall or spring grazing

If you are feeding to livestock, which type ______________, age ranges____________

Average number of acres _________________________________________________

Production per acre______________________________________________________

Soil type_______________________________________________________________

Dryland acres ______________ Irrigation acres ________________________

Management practices: _grown from or common seed _pedigreed seed

Spring ___Pronghorn ___AC Alta ___AC Certa ___AC Copia ___AC Ultima

Winter ___ Bobcat ___Companion ___Fridge ___Pika ___Wapiti ___Carman

Other - please list_____________________

Seeding rates: ________________________dates:_______________________

Fertility practices___spring ___fall ___seed placed ___banded



Weed control products___________________________


General comments _____________________________________________________

Please send questionnaire to Bill Chapman, Provincial Agronomist - Cereals
Fax: 780-674-8309
Mail: AAFRD, Box 4560, Barrhead, AB T7N 1A4


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