22 Year Economic, Productive, and Financial Performance of Alberta Cow/Calf Operations

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 Economics and Competitiveness


Economic surveying of cow-calf operations in Alberta has a 33-year long history that started in 1985 with just few participating producers. As the number of participating producers grew it became possible to generalize the collected information and produce the sample averages or benchmarks. The benchmarks delivered to the producers and public presented major economic and production performance measures such as unit costs, net returns, cow conception and calf crop rates, among others. Over time the sophistication of the benchmarks grew with emphasis on specifics for the period issues and reflecting the available sample size. Currently such information starting from 2004 can be accessed from the Ministry website.

Realizing the importance of continuous multi-year information for producers, government agencies, academics, and general public, we decided to compile all available electronic information starting from 1995 – 22 years and present it in the uniform format for comparison reasons.

We feel strongly that publication of this dataset would not be possible without tremendous multi-year efforts and dedication of many people such as Dale Kaliel, Pauline Van Biert, Shukun Guan, Susanna Neumann, Peggy Yakabuski, to name a few, who put their skills and countless hours into the AgriProfit$ program.

This research is undertaken through the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s AgriProfit$ Business Analysis and Research Program with the cooperation of producers across the Province.

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