Productivity Improvement Initiative

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Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s Productivity Improvement Initiative assists producers and processors to remain competitive, despite increased competition, rising prices, and a shortage of qualified employees, through increased efficiencies and technological capabilities.

Employing tools such as facility assessments, hands-on coaching, and workshops, the Productivity Improvement Initiative works with companies who are in the business of growing and are looking to improve their current level of productivity, whether that be through increased automation or adopting continuous improvement practices.

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Can producers and processors get a grant to cover the costs of having a consultant assess our facility? Improved work flow will result in higher outputs.

What is continuous improvement? Are there bottlenecks in our process flows? Use these interactive e-learning tools and fact sheets.
What workshops and training sessions are available to help with continuous improvement?
How have other producers and processors benefitted using productivity practices?
How can I borrow books about productivity? What other articles, websites and videos are out there?


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