Agricultural Investment Analysis (2005)

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 Take AIM - The Annualized Incremental Method During his exceptional career at the University of Alberta’s Department of Rural Economy, Dr. Len Bauer’s work in agricultural investment analysis became legendary. These five modules were all but complete at the time of Dr. Bauer’s passing in August of 2004 and have now been published, thanks to the dedication of co-author Don Bushe and his team of reviewers. As the capstone to Dr. Bauer’s career-spanning series, Managing the Modern Farm Business, these modules represent the foundation of agricultural investment analysis, and the principles they contain apply to all types of businesses.

This resource is intended as a self-learning experience. Dr. Bauer and Mr. Bushe reacquaint us with the collection of characters we first met in the Risk Management Modules. These local entrepreneurs frequent the local coffee shop, sharing management notions and challenges of the day. Through their experiences we learn about the underpinnings of agricultural investment analysis, and the “Annualized Incremental Method” – also known as the partial budget. Students and seasoned professionals alike will appreciate this learning experience and will value these modules as a long-lasting resource and reference.

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is proud to be involved in making Dr. Bauer’s work available to agricultural producers and agribusiness. You can obtain individual printed copies of Agricultural Investment Analysis by contacting us at 403-948-8524 or 780-427-5390.

Author and Technical Editor: Leonard Bauer
Instructional Designer: Don Bushe
Technical Reviewer: Frank Novak

Published by: Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
Special Funding: Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
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