Branded Beef: What is Branded Beef?

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 A brand is a way to differentiate a product so that it stands out on the shelf, on the menu, in the market and, most importantly, in the consumer’s mind. A brand is built on attributes, those qualities or features that make the product unique and in turn provide a benefit to the person that buys it. Beef brands, in particular, are often built around attributes that relay benefits to the consumer in the way of health, taste, tenderness and food safety while being environmentally sustainable and animal welfare friendly. Providing a beef brand that relays the desired benefit to the consumer will create a unique need and demand for your product.

Traditionally, beef has been marketed as a generic product, with little to distinguish one company's beef from another. On the other hand, branded beef products are marketed based on specifications or production standards that are unique to the brand. For a branded beef product to be successful there must be a strong link between a consumer’s eating habits and the attributes that the brand offers. For instance, certified organic, lean, and local ‘story’ beef, which is age, source and process verified, are all examples of branded beef attributes that are in line with consumer demand and eating habits.

Create a Unique Experience ... Brand it!

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional commodity beef production; would like to differentiate your beef in the marketplace; or align your production to supply and existing branded beef program then explore this web page to learn more about how to brand your beef product.

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