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Market Information Sites
News, features and research for food professionals. Free access to full-length feature articles from highly respected sources and staff providing analysis and thought leadership on industry trends, issues and practices.

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AgNIC system engine - is a guide to quality agricultural information on the Internet as selected by the National Agricultural Library, Land-Grant Universities, and other institutions. You can browse by subject.
Canada’s #1 interactive agriculture website. Features discussion groups with topics including agri-food and value adding; a listing of online courses; a chat room; buy and sell listings; a specialist corner, ag-news; a library; and Ag links.
The World of Food Science- Has information on food safety, policy, industry, new products, regional information and has an in-depth archive including expert and student papers. Published by the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

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Associations / Companies

Provide market information on their sites.
Agriculture and Food Council - includes, Value Chain Inititative and a link to "The Catalyst".
Alberta Pork- in the Producer and Industry Information Centre section there are pork related news stories, media releases, upcoming events and other pork related information and links.
Association of Canadian Distillers - in Info Centre the FAQ section contains information about economic impact, and number of employees in this industry. There is also product information, terminology and sales statistics sections and distributor information.
AVAC- information on breaking agri-value news, coming events and a sources of capital listing. Also has information for starting a business, growing a business, and research.
Brewers Association of Canada - intended to show the breadth of this centuries-old industry from the contribution it makes to the economy, to the impact it makes on small communities. This website will show the things this industry does, where, with whom and why.
POS Pilot Plant- has many links to biotech, agri-industrial and nutraceuticals websites. Also has information on the companies they are working with, photos of their facilities and Processing Profiles.

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Business Information Sites
bCentral (Microsoft) - has articles on business plans, finance, HR, marketing, networking, technology and other topics.
The Knowledge Exchange - has information from several top American business schools providing a library of business management information.
The Business Link - contains a resource library for small businesses (new or experienced entrepreneurs) with information, market research and statistics.
The Interactive Business Planner - to assist entrepreneurs prepare a 3 year business plan for their new or existing business.
Guerilla Marketing Online, based on the book by Jay Conrad Leviner, provides useful, current, marketing information.
OPEN for Business: The Small Business Network- provides business planning info. Includes resources and tools for business planning and market research information for new entrepreneurs.

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Government Websites
AARD Ropin’ the Web- Alberta Agriculture’s award winning website.

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada Online Canadian Food Inspection Agency- features alerts, hot topics, what’s new and other information from the CFIA. Global Affairs Canada - provides trade information on international markets and Canadian foreign policy. Manitoba Agriculture and Food - similar to Ropin’ the Web. Minnesota Department of Agriculture- similar to Ropin’ the Web. Saskatchewan Agriculture, Natural Resources and Industry
Small Scale Food Processing - Information on food processing safety, regulatory and business issues. Links to other food-processing related web sites, stories of successful entrepreneurs, networking opportunities and answers to frequently asked questions.
Statistics Canada - has information on demographics and other recent statistics. You can specifically search for free information. Check The Daily Updates.
Strategis (Industry Canada) - provides information on exporting and other market information. United States Department of Agriculture - has reports on agri-food industries.

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University Websites
University of Minnesota- collects, indexes, and electronically distributes full text copies of scholarly research in the broadly defined field of agricultural economics including sub disciplines such as agribusiness, food supply, natural resource economics, environmental economics, policy issues, agricultural trade, and economic development.
Agricultural Market Information Virtual Library - Market information sources available through the Internet: Daily to yearly market and outlook reports, prices, commodities and quotes also links to many other agricultural resources. Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences (University of Alberta)- contains faculty news, upcoming events, research, and archived articles.

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Market Research Firms’ Websites is a growing online library of market intelligence & research studies. The database of reports covers multiple Industries and their 5000+ sub-segments.
AC Nielsen- click on "Trends & Insights", this will take you to the complimentary study highlights. Press releases contain a unique prospective on consumer behavior.
Datamonitor Market Analysis- features industry intelligence, financial, e-business news in brief formats as well as published reports that are available for purchase.
Ipsos - One of the world's leading survey-based marketing research firms. You can search the archives of publicly released polls.
KPMG - click on global industries, then click on consumer markets. Insights and Comments listed on the right.

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Food Industry Publications Websites

(Some of these have articles available on their websites others are only in print format but are available at some libraries including the Alberta Agriculture library in the JG O’Donoghue Building Edmonton).


Beverage Industry Candy and Confections Dairy Foodservice and Hospitality Fruit and Vegetables Grocery Meat Industry General Industry
  • Canadian Business -
  • Canadian Cattlemen, Canola Guide, Country Guide, Crops & Beef, Grainews, The Alberta Express, Manitoba Cooperator -
  • Food in Canada -
  • Bar & Beverage, C-Store Canada, Western Grocer, Western Hotelier, Western Restaurant News -
  • The Western Producer-
  • Bakery Production and Marketing Newsletter, Baking Buyer, Baking & Snack, MarketFAX, Meat & Poultry, Milling & Baking News, InStore Buyer, Bakery Newsletter, Food & Business News, World Grain -
  • is a marketplace for buying and selling new and used farm machinery,
    equipment, seeds, crops, livestock and a wide range of services including job opportunities.
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Alternative Resources
- allows you to search magazines for articles on specific topics. It also has a listing of publications based on subject.

You may also want to consider searching encyclopaedias such as or These sites allow you to access the encyclopaedia’s information on a selected topic as well as recommend relevant related websites and sources of information.

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Search Engines - provides tips for using search engines better. Also contains links to the major search engines and some of the lesser known or more specific search engines. Its most useful topics include search engine math, search assistance features and search links.

Some of the most popular search engines are:

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