Value Chain Development

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The Value Chain Guidebook provides a process for the development of value chains. The value chain development process is broken into three stages; each stage includes worksheets, success factors and tips for facilitators. Each business situation is unique, so you may find that you move through the stages in different orders, or that you modify the approach to suit your own situation.

The Guidebook will be useful for: businesses who are looking for new ways to create customer value, for businesses considering a value chain approach and for facilitators who are working with developing value chain partners.

The contents of this Guidebook include an introduction to value chains; descriptions of the three stages - Stage 1. Identifying the Opportunity, Stage 2. Developing a pilot project plan and Stage 3. Monitoring and evaluating the pilot project; facilitator resources; worksheets; a resource section; frequently asked questions; and an evaluation. The worksheets should help you keep track of your progress, address problems and work to develop your value chain further.

Alberta residents can order hard copies of this free publication at no charge for individual use. To receive a free copy of the Value Chain Guidebook, while supplies last email to request your copy. Shipping and handling charges may apply.

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