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What is a Value Chain?
  • Value Chains Defined
    The basic characteristic of a value chain is market-focused collaboration: different business enterprises work together to produce and market products and services in an effective and efficient manner. Value Chains allow businesses to respond to the marketplace by linking production, processing and marketing activities to market demands.
  • Value Chain Development
    The Value Chain Guidebook provides a process for the development of value chains. - 1.7MB pdf.

Value Chain Directory Listing
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's, easy to use website for producers and processors. Access relevant information, tools and case studies from around the world that will assist you to develop your business's value chain.
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Customer Focused Collaboration Part One

Customer Focused Collaboration Part Two

What's New

Alberta’s Bison Industry
The profile provides an overview of what is happening in Alberta’s bison supply chain. Alberta has a ranched bison supply chain of producers, finishers, federal and provincial licensed abattoirs, as well as wholesale and retail marketers.

This profile is the second in the series. The first was the Alberta Lamb Industry profile. Both resources are also available on the Value Chain Directory Listing under the Livestock resource category. The lamb and bison supply chain maps will be released shortly to accompany these profiles.

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