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 Welcome to the Chemistry Laboratory of the Agri-Food Laboratories. As a laboratory of the Alberta provincial government, the primary purpose of the Chemistry Laboratory is to enable the growth of Alberta's agriculture and food industries. The laboratory produces objective scientific evidence that establishes and promotes the safety of Alberta's agriculture and food products in the domestic and international market places. Information produced is used primarily by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) scientists and researchers as well as other partner agencies and organizations. The Chemistry Laboratory also provides analytical toxicology services to AF veterinarians and animal pathology staff. Other activities include providing analytical support to the provincial apiculturist by performing chemical residue testing of honey, including the determination of antibiotics, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Experienced technologists and scientists work with a variety of sophisticated analytical techniques and instrumentation. The Chemistry Laboratory specializes in the detection of organic and inorganic chemical residues in agri-food products. Areas of particular expertise include elemental analysis and the detection of veterinary drug residues and pesticides. Analysis is performed on a range of sample matrices, notably honey, animal tissues and blood, cereal grains, milk, and produce. The laboratory also has analytical testing capabilities for samples of apicultural significance (honey, bees, and pollen).

For more information on the Chemistry Section, please contact Section Head, Kevin Webster.


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