Alberta Farm Safety Posters

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Farmer/Rancher Safety

Young Farm Worker Safety

Children's Safety


    Every year many Alberta farmers are injured -- some are killed. Most of these incidents could have been avoided. Many injuries or fatalities occur because of carelessness and haste. Common sense helps prevent incidents. You're never too young or too old to develop safe work habits.

    Even though farm safety is a serious subject, we can use a bit of humour to help an audience receive a message. A well done cartoon can have as much impact as a more serious image.

    We hope you will find the following illustrations helpful when teaching farm safety. Use them for presentations, classroom discussions, 4-H sessions or pass them on to parents who want to teach their children about farm safety.

    Alberta Farm Safety Program
    or toll-free: 310-FARM (3276)

    Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Farm Safety Staff:
    Janice Donkers, Youth Coordinator:
    Kenda Lubeck, Coordinator:
    Raelyn Peterson, Coordinator:
    Sharon Stollery, Manager:
    Blair Takahashi, Specialist:


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