Things to Do / Things to Think About This Month - January 2019

  Hort Snacks - January 2019
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  • Register for relevant winter workshops
  • Consider specific training courses for both yourself AND staff (e.g. First Aid, Advertising, Electronic bookkeeping, Record keeping, etc.) – Book it
  • Are all of your licenses or certificates up to date?
  • Review your insurance coverage. Do you have sufficient for your activities? Are all the things that happen on your farm covered? Has anything changed?
  • Review your project to-do / wish list from the end of last season – What are some of the things that you identified?
  • Start thinking about and planning your field layouts for the coming season. Does your current set up work for any new crops? Do you have sufficient space for everything you have planned (headlands, activities, parking, etc.)? Consider field orientation, irrigation systems, shelterbelts and traffic movement (foot, equipment, vehicles, etc.).
  • Have you ordered the plant material that you will need for the next season? Planning and ordering in advance can save a lot of headaches in the spring.
  • Are you ordering transplants? Growing your own? Cleaning up the greenhouse might also be in order.
  • Update / tidy up / repaint sales sheds and signs
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This information published to the web on December 12, 2018.