Hort Snacks - January 2019

  Hort Snacks - January 2019
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 Another month has rolled by and a new year is upon us. With the somewhat extended (for me) holiday season, this edition was basically written as soon as the previous month’s edition hit the press. Regardless of when you get to it, here is another edition of Hort Snacks for you to start your year off with.

In this edition, you’ll find many, many different things. There are lots of events to consider attending (and more to come). There are some greenhouse pests to wrap your head around, some thoughts on the past year (highlights/lowlights), a bit of information on events and programs, as well as some information on the UN Year of the Periodic Table (with bonus chemistry jokes). Hopefully you’ll find something to tickle your fancy and expand your knowledge.

I hope that the holiday season was restful for you and that it was filled with all of the good things that you love. I hope that it was a chance to replenish your batteries, regain some perspective and reposition yourself for the coming year. I wish you, your families and friends, and your farms/businesses, all the very best for the coming New Year. Please resolve to stay in touch. I always welcome suggestions, ideas, questions or simply the chance to sit down and have a nice chat.

Rob Spencer, Commercial Horticulture Specialist

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This information published to the web on December 12, 2018.