Hort Snacks - June 2018

  Hort Snacks - June 2018
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 Welcome to another edition of Hort Snacks. My allergies are suggesting that spring has arrived (with a vengeance), maybe more forcefully than normal, what with the transition from late winter to summer being compressed into a few weeks. The plants seem to be flying out of the ground, almost as fast as the seeds are planted. Hopefully a timely rain or two will be interspersed with the nice, sunny weather, free from severe storms.

In this fairly short edition (in respect of the fact that no one has time to read much at the moment), you’ll find a few tidbits of information, including programs, events, calls for research collaborators, items for sale, and a bit of information on various pests. There are a couple of other articles and pieces that you might find giving some attention to, as a heads up.

As you move through the busy planting time and into growing, maintenance, management and then harvest, if you have questions, thoughts, ideas, or just need some help, send an email or call and I’ll be happy to try and help.

Rob Spencer - Commercial Horticulture Specialist

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This information published to the web on May 29, 2018.