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    Our Vision:
    Livestock Research Branch: World-class partner in delivering applied and innovative solutions for a sustainable and vibrant Alberta.
    Mission Statement:
    Enable the Alberta livestock industry to use research-based knowledge and technology to enhance competitiveness.

About Us

Who we are
Valerie Carney - Poultry Research & Extension Specialist
Brenda Reimer - Poultry Research & Extension Specialist

What we do
Our team conducts extension activities such as:
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Technical Literature
  • Videos
  1. Putting research into practice—adapting the results from university led trials into practice on commercial poultry operations.
  2. Identifying “bright spots” on individual farms that can be adopted throughout the industry.

Why we do it
1. Putting research into practice gets the innovative techniques from the research barn into rural Alberta poultry farms. We extend the discovery research from academia through targeted field studies.
2. New innovations and discoveries are delivered via workshops, seminars or technical literature.
3. We collaborate with Poultry Research Centre scientists to develop practical and innovative outcomes ranging from production solutions to value added product development.
4. We believe that having FUN is the best way to learn. We’ve incorporated music and even some dancing to deliver poultry science information to some of our targeted audiences.


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