Alberta Certified Seed and Farmer Saved Seed

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  Economics and Competitiveness
This study provides information and some economic analysis for Alberta’s wheat producers regarding the considerations for the type of seed they chose to plant. The information focuses on a cost comparison between saving seed for planting versus purchasing certified seed.

Canadian farmers are allowed to save and clean their own production for the purposes of planting it on their own land. The perception among producers is that the saved seed option is a lower cost, since seed is readily available with only out-of-pocket costs for cleaning a portion of inventory. Comparatively, certified seed carries an upfront cost to producers, although it also provides a quality and performance guarantee with access to new genetics.

A direct cost comparison between saved seed and certified seed for a 13-year period of 2003/04-2015/16 is included in this report. The saved seed estimate uses an average commercial price and simple costing for each action involved in cleaning the grain. The average cost of certified seed is based on Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s farm input prices for each twelve-month period.

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