New ABA Templates, Year End Macro Button on Title Page of ABA, Leap Year Dates

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 New ABA Templates:
It is suggested that new copies of Agriculture Business Analyzer (ABA) be downloaded every 6 months. Over time, there is the possibility that the copy you are using could become corrupted. Also, minor changes are sometimes made to the template without the release of a new version. To download a new version go to and search for Agriculture Business Analyzer.
Year End Macro Button on the Title Page of ABA:
Function: When you click on this button the program will automatically perform several functions to prepare the document to allow for completion of a new statement for a subsequent time period.
    • Dates on the Title page are removed and will need to be entered for the new projection period.
    • All historical information in the Net Worth and Income/Expense statements will be moved over one column to allow you to enter in the most recent information.
    • All livestock and crops inventory numbers and values will be removed but the titles will remain.
    • No changes are made to the liabilities pages so all information needs to be updated.
    • All production and expense projections on the crop and livestock pages are removed to allow you to enter new information for the upcoming year.
    • All cash flow information previously entered is also removed.
When to Use: Use this function when the file is going to be opened a year later and updated. DO NOT use it to prepare a Year 2 projection. For that purpose, save the first year projection as Year 2, then go into it and make the appropriate changes to reflect the Year 2 situation.

Leap Year Dates:
If you are doing a projection that goes over the leap year (example: Feb 29, 2016), the Until date on the Title page will be calculated one day short. The formula in that cell assumes a 365 day year. To correct it, simply override the formula by entering the date as it should be.
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