Safety by Topic

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Farmer/Rancher Safety Young Farm Worker Safety

Children's Safety

Machinery and Equipment Safety
ATV Safety
Safe Transportation of Farm Equipment on Public Roads
Avoid Machinery Misfortune
Equipment and Machinery Safety
Farming Around Power Lines
Power Takeoffs
On Tractors

Livestock Safety
Needlestick safety
Livestock Psychology 101
Guide to Equestrian Helmets
Handling Livestock Safely
Dust Control for Livestock Buildings
Horse Handling Safety
Zoonotic Diseases
Equestrian Helmets

Chemical Safety
How to Wash Pesticide-Soiled Clothing
Farm Chemicals Quick Reference
Handling Pesticides - Are You Protected?
Ammonia Emissions and Safety
Methane Safety
Silo Gas Safety
Hydrogen Sulphide Emissions and Safety
Chemical Use Safety

Safe Transport of Farm Equipment
Safe Transport of Farm Equipment in Alberta
Safe Transport Q & A

Emergency Planning
How to Make Your Farm First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher Safety
Rural Emergency Planning

Personal Health
Managing Stressful Times
Noise, Hearing Loss and Hearing Protection
Respiratory Protection for Producers
Safety for Aging Farmers
Lifting Techniques
Hearing Safety
Sun Exposure Safety

Worker Training
A Farm Employer's Guide to Safety Orientation and Training
Safety On Your New Job
Training New Workers
Working Alone

General Safety
Confined Spaces
Universal Hand Signals
Hazard Assessment and Controls 101
Water Hazards

Alberta Farm Safety Program
or toll-free: 310-FARM (3276)

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Farm Safety Staff:
Janice Donkers, Youth Coordinator:
Kenda Lubeck, Coordinator:
Raelyn Peterson, Coordinator:
Sharon Stollery, Manager:
Blair Takahashi, Specialist:

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This information published to the web on September 8, 2017.
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