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How Will You Sell Your Product or Service?

Marketing is an essential part of running a business. Careful planning and thorough understanding of your chosen marketplace is key to developing a successful marketing strategy.

The type of business that you are in and the customers that you are targeting will largely dictate how you market your product or service. It is up to you to find your niche, or specialty, and position yourself in that market.

While developing your marketing strategy, consider the features and benefits of your product or service as compared to that of your competitors. Think about your customer base and develop promotional and marketing tools that target this base. While keeping your customer and market in mind, consider a pricing strategy that reflects the attributes of your product or service. This pricing strategy will then convey to your customer whether your product or service is high-end, moderately priced or inexpensive.

Marketing Plan
Have You Prepared a Marketing Plan?
Marketing Options
What Are Your Marketing Options? Promotion
How Will People Find Out About Your Product?
  • Developing a Promotional Plan - This factsheet from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development discusses some of the essential components used to develop a promotional plan such as creating an image, developing promotional products and monitoring your promotional plan
  • Business Basics for Alberta Food Processors - Promotion - Although this factsheet focuses on food processors the key elements discussed such as public relations, advertising and sales promotion apply to any new entrepreneur that is promoting a product or service
  • Build Your Network: Reaching Out for Support and Advice (Step Eight) - Determining whether you will benefit more from a business network or a mentor depends on your individual situation. This factsheet in the series of eight is designed to help you evaluate the feasibility of starting a new agricultural or rural based business.
  • Your Sell Sheet - This factsheet will help business owners create promotional information about their products or services in the format of a one-page 'sell sheet'.
How Can the Internet Help Your Business Grow? Marketing Channels
A marketing channel is where activities happen to transfer the ownership of goods from the point of production to the point of consumption. It is the way products and services get to the end user, the consumer. This is sometimes referred to as the distribution channel.
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