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Have You Considered the Legalities and Paperwork Associated With Your New Venture?

When it comes to setting up your new venture there are many business considerations to take into account.

For instance, the business structure that you will use depends on many things such as regulations, permits, tax implications and the amount of risk you are willing to take with your personal assets.

One of the most important things to think about when developing your service or product is the legality of your new venture. Your product or service must be produced and sold while meeting the regulations of your chosen market and by obtaining all necessary permits and licenses.

What are the Regulations?

  • Starting and Growing a Business: Regulations - Part of the planning process is examining requirements for permits, licenses, packaging and labeling
  • Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations - Agriculture and Forestry has created a booklet that highlights sections of the pertinent legislation that apply to the production, processing and sale of all food products.
  • Agriculture Acts and Regulations - Frequently Asked Questions - These frequently asked questions focus on Provincial Acts and Regulations and Federal bodies that govern farming and food protection
  • Business Basics for Alberta Food Processors - Food Processing Regulations - Although this factsheet focuses on food processors it is a good reference for the regulations governing any new business venture
  • Business Registration On-Line - This site from Canada Revenue Agency is a one-stop, on-line, self-serve application that allows you to register for a new Business Number, as well as four other Canada Revenue Agency programs

    How Will Your Customers Find You?

  • Sign Up Alberta - Sign Up Alberta replaces the current highway sign system with one that is more informative and efficient, one that will allow Albertans and other travelers to access everything our province has to offer easily and safely
    Phone the Ag-Info Centre, toll-free in Alberta at 310-FARM (3276), for assistance.
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