Farmers' Advocate Office: Fair Process

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Fair Process

Farmers and ranchers who experience conflicts with government or other agri-businesses may contact the Farmers' Advocate Office (FAO) as a last resort to help resolve the dispute. The FAO mediates and facilitates conversations on a broad range of rural issues, but will not intervene if legal counsel is involved. Members of the FAO staff have obtained their Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice (CTAJ) through the Foundation for Administrative Justice.

In addition, the FAO administers several programs:

Well Water Restoration or Replacement Program (WWRRP)
Through this program farmers may receive compensation for a well suspected to be disrupted by energy activities.

Well Water Replacement Program Application Form (PDF)
Water Wells that Last Generations
Dissolved Gases in Well Water
Seismic Well Water Testing Guidelines (PDF)

Wildlife Cost Assessment Committee
Under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act, an individual may receive an invoice from Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to help cover the costs of fire suppression. On request, the Wildfire Cost Assessment Committee can review invoices to evaluate an individual's ability to pay.

Agricultural Operation Practices Act (Part 1 - Nuisance)
Under Part 1 of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act, the FAO can provide protection for agricultural producers when conflicts arise related to odour, dust, noise, and smoke. Following review by a panel appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the FAO may issue a Generally Accepted Practice (GAP) Certificate to a producer.

Review of Crop Insurance Appeals
Upon request, the FAO will conduct appeals for Agricultural Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) on disputed crop insurance claims.

Additional Resources:
Law Society of Alberta
Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society
Appropriate Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta (ADRIA)
Regulatory Services, Agriculture and Rural Development - Compliance Principles for Investigations

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