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 Pilot plant services bridge the transition from bench-top development to commercial production. Our facilities are available to processors, entrepreneurs, industrial or commodity groups, university researchers, federal or provincial agriculture personnel and suppliers of equipment, ingredients and packaging. If your product is still at the development stage, our personnel can work with a wide range of equipment and processes to determine the system most suitable for your needs. If your product is market-ready, we invite private industry to use our plant for limited production on an interim basis.

Pilot plant capabilities
Our main pilot plant is located at the Food Processing Development Centre in Leduc. It is equipped to handle all types of food processing, with four separate processing areas: meat, wet process, dry process, and fine particulate. This facility:

  • is registered for meat processing by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as Meat Processing Establishment 442
  • is registered for dairy processing by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as Dairy Processing Establishment 4391
  • meets the requirements for the shipment of meat, dairy, egg and processed products, both inter-provincially and internationally
  • is registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as Processed Fruit and Vegetable Establishment 284
  • is registered for egg processing by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as Processed Egg Station 25
  • is certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems as an organic food processing and handling facility.
The small pilot plant at our Brooks Food Science and Technology Centre location is equipped with juicers, slicers, dry ingredient blenders, mills, blast freezer, freeze-dryer, vacuum packaging, extrusion capabilities and other processing equipment suitable for fruits, vegetables, animal feed, and pet food. The Crop Diversification Centre-South also houses a controlled atmosphere storage facility that is unique to western Canada.

Visit our website, http://www.agriculture.alberta.ca/fpdc

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