Animal Health and Assurance Division

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About Us

Each and every day, government and industry work together to ensure that the food that Albertans raise, process, consume and export is safe. Food safety is the responsibility of everyone concerned – including producers, feed mills, veterinarians, food processors, transporters, retailers and food service providers.

Alberta has rigorous, science-based systems and processes in place to ensure our food safety:

  • On-Farm Food Safety Programs ensure that potential hazards are addressed from the very beginning of production.
  • Biosecurity practices are undertaken at every step to prevent the incidental spread of disease.
  • Industry standards such as Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) and ISO Certification are used where applicable.
  • Traceability initiatives track the history, location and quality of food from farm to fork.
  • Appropriate legislation and regulations are developed and enforced.


Click on the links to view some key activities:

Alberta Mandatory Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance Program
Enhanced Scrapie Surveillance
Alberta Veterinary Surveillance Network (AVSN)
ISO Certification

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Who and Where We Are

Staff within the division are comprised of laboratory technicians, accredited veterinarians, epidemiologists, pathologists, toxicologists, technical support (programming, data management, etc.), administration officers, research officers, scientists, chief and deputy chief provincial veterinarians. Offices are located in Fairview, Edmonton, Lacombe, Red Deer, Airdrie and Lethbridge. To reach any one of our expert and knowledgeable staff members, please contact the Office of the Director at the number below.

Office of the Director
Animal Health and Assurance Division
9th Floor, O.S. Longman Building
6909-116 Street
Edmonton AB T6H 4P2
Ph : 780-427-6159
Fax : 780-427-1437

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