Farm Management: Business Arrangements and Taxation

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Business Structures

Whether starting a business or continuing the investment, the right business structure can assist in your success. It is important to evaluate both short term and long term objectives of your business when deciding on the appropriate structure. Legal Agreements and Contracts

Contracts are enforceable agreements between 2 or mulitple parties. Every contract should be evaluated individually and considered carefully before reaching an agreement. Farm Transition Resources

Case Studies
These fictional case studies help illustrate common situations in the industry and provide alternative scenarios to explore. Transition Planning Guide for Agribusiness
A comprehensive guide to transition planning for agribusiness adapted by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. Alberta Taxation and Financial Planning Specialist
  • Taxation and Financial Planning Specialist Listings

    Let's Talk Transition Farm Succession Resources

    • There are a number of business structures, arrangements, and tax strategies that a producer may utilize in the management of their farm. It is important to understand and evaluate both the short term and long term objectives of a business and seek professional advice before implementing a structure.

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