Farm Business Assessment Case Studies

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Farm Business Assessment Case Studies were developed by Larry Lindquist, Farm Business Consultant. These fictional case studies below illustrate common situations in the Agriculture Industry starting with the initial assessment of the farm business, evaluation of alternate scenarios and options, and lastly comparing all results in a comparison chart.

Case Study 1: Mixed Farm Operation
Alternate Scenarios for Mixed Farm Operation
Comparison Chart of all Mixed Farm Operation Scenarios

Case Study 2: Pre-Succession Beginning Farmers
Alternate Scenarios for Beginning Farmer
Comparison Chart of all Beginning Farmer Scenarios

Case Study 3: Pre-Succession Retiring Farmers
Alternate Scenarios for Retiring Farmers
Comparison Chart of all Retiring Farmers Scenarios

Case Study 4: Farm Enterprise Change
Alternate Scenarios for Farm Enterprise Change
Comparison Chart of all Farm Enterprise Change Scenarios

Case Study 5: Grain Farm Expansion
Alternate Scenarios for Farm Expansion
Comparison Chart of all Farm Expansion Scenarios

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