Bio-Industrial Opportunities: Specialty/Renewable Chemical Ingredient (SCI) Initiative

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Alberta Agriculture & Forestry
Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section
O.S. Longman Building
4th Floor, 6909 - 116 Street
Edmonton Alberta T6H 4P2
Phone: (780) 644-8118

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section is a leader in Alberta’s bio-based renewable chemicals industry. We, along with partners across the Alberta government, support the province’s bioeconomy by facilitating the growth of high-value bio-based renewable chemicals, specialty ingredients and products from agriculture/forestry biomass, waste and bioprocessing side streams.

Alberta is capitalizing on the rapidly increasing consumer preference for plant-based ingredients. Businesses and organizations in the bio-based chemicals cluster/supply chain positioned to grow the Alberta bioeconomy’s core capacity and profitability include: growers and grower associations, startups and established businesses, researchers, investors and key end users.

Consumer demand, superior performance, environmental pressures and improving economics are all expected to drive further investment in bio-refining. For integrated bio-refineries, bio-based specialty/renewable chemicals can increase speed to market, and provide higher value returns and cash flow as companies build their longer term portfolio of ingredients and products in new markets. The bioindustries provide carbon benefits, renewability, sustainability, jobs and major diversification opportunities for new market development and new gross domestic product (GDP) expansion.

“Helping to build a globally competitive plant-based specialty chemical ingredient industry in Alberta.”

An emerging renewable specialty chemicals cluster that includes provincial, national and international industry and researchers. The goal of the Specialty/Renewable Chemical Ingredient (SCI) Initiative is to help establish Alberta as a preferred supplier of high value specialty renewable ingredients, products and platform technologies produced from agriculture feedstock, biomass and biorefining sidestreams. SCI is helping to drive business development and investment for the growth and development of a globally competitive and sustainable renewable bioproducts industry in Alberta.

Download program fact sheet: Bio-based Renewable Chemicals

For more information on the Specialty/Renewable Chemical Ingredient Initiative, please contact the project co-leads:

Kathy Lowther
Senior Development Officer – Specialty Chemicals

Donna Fleury
Senior Industry Development Officer – Renewable Chemicals
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This information published to the web on May 28, 2015.
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