Bio-Industrial Opportunities: Dry Fractionation

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Facilities & Equipment: Dry Fractionation
Dry fractionation is a process in which a raw material is separated into the many components that form the whole, original material. Materials are processed in a dried state and do not require the use of a solvent. Processing technologies associated with dry fractionation include, but are not limited to, milling, sieving and air classification.

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Hammer Mill (Mikro ACM)
  • The characteristic feature is that grinding and classifying process happen synergistically.
  • By adjusting both the speed of the classifier and the rotor, precise control can be maintained on the resultant particle size distribution.

Wide-Chamber Pin Mill
  • Enables ultra-fine grinding of difficult products.
  • The large machine housing in comparison to the pin discs allows continuous milling of greasy, heat-sensitive and sticky materials without them clumping and depositing in the chamber.
  • The speed and rotation direction of the pin disks can also be set at various parameters.

Buhler Automatic (Flour) Mill MLU-202
  • Throughput: 10 - 12kg/hr

Retsch Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200
  • Feed material: soft, medium-hard, brittle, fibrous
  • Size reduction principle: impact, shearing
  • Material feed size: < 10 mm
  • Final fineness: < 40 Ám
  • Capacity: 300 ml

VirTis Freeze Dryer
  • Can remove liquids from material without heat, which prevents potential damage from heat.
  • Freeze drying involves the removal of water or other solvent from a frozen product through sublimation, a process directly from the solid state to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid phase.
  • Freeze drying allows the preparation of a stable product that is easy to use and aesthetic in appearance. Properly freeze dried products do not need refrigeration and can be stored at ambient temperatures.
  • VirTis Freeze Dryer features:
      • 14 trays each 9.75" x 19.5" x 1.5"
      • can handle food grade samples
      • 50L condensing chamber
      • can remove up to 2.5 L of alcohol or similar low boiling point substance
      • programmable temperature profile
      • sample or shelf controllable temperature
      • can stopper samples under vacuum, if needed

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