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 Did you miss out on webinars offered through Explore Local? All Explore Local webinars have been recorded and are still available for you to view.

Starting in the spring 2012, Explore Local tried out a new mode of communication and a new opportunity to learn - the Explore Local Webinar Series. These one-hour web-based seminars bring you timely information on a variety of topics - all geared to help producers and small scale processors selling into local markets access the information needed to run their businesses more effectively and profitably. Even though the live events are over you still have the chance to participate on your own time. Best of all it is free and you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

What is a Webinar?

  • A webinar is a web-based seminar that you do not have to leave your house to participate in.
  • In real time, it is interactive - you can get answers directly from the ‘expert’, and learn from other audience members.
  • You can also participate on your own time if you prefer to watch the recorded webinar after the fact.
  • The speakers and topics are timely and relevant to your needs.
  • It is free.
How do I Register to Participate?
The link to register for the webinar will be in a number of different places:
  • on the flyer advertising the workshop
  • on the Explore Local website under the Events tab
You do need to register for each webinar separately.

Note: When viewing previously recorded webinars, it is important that you use Playback mode only. The Download option requires special software and may not work on some computers.

Previous Webinars - sorted by topic and then by date within that topic

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Retail Regulations Social Media/New Media Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I have to register?
Registration is required to provide you with the contact information and authorization to join the specific webinar.

You will need to register separately for each webinar.

2. Is there a charge to join the webinar?
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is offering these webinars with no registration or attendance fee. However, if you join the webinar using your telephone (see below), long distance charges* will be added to your phone bill.

3. What if I do not have highspeed internet, can I still participate and download the webinars?
It is possible to dial into the audio-only broadcast of the webinar, no computer is required. A phone number, specific to the webinar will be provided at the time of registration. Note that long distance charges* will apply.

You may also join using a mobile device; however you would have to download the appropriate mobile app from http://www.webex.com/products/web-conferencing.html

System requirements are outlined below to view and hear the webinar free of charge, or to watch recorded webinars after the presentation date, on your computer.

System requirements on a PC:
Windows 2000, XP 32-bit (SP3), 2003, Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit, Solaris 10/11

  • Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9 (Win7 only)
  • Firefox 3.x, 4 (32-bit)
  • Chrome 9, 10
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Requires Sun Java 5 or higher
  • Recommend ActiveX be enabled for Internet Explorer
  • Intel or AMD processor (1GHz or faster)
  • At least 512 MB RAM (at least 2 GB RAM for Vista)
  • Netbooks running Windows XP also supported
  • Mozilla 1.7
  • Firefox 3.x
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Requires Sun Java 5 or higher
  • No support for Remote Access
  • SPARC or Intel or AMD processor(Solaris 10)
  • Intel or AMD processor (Solaris 11)
  • At least 1 GB RAM
System requirements on a MacŪ:
Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, HP-UX 11.11
  • Safari 4/5
  • Firefox 3.x, 4
  • Chrome 9, 10
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Requires Apple Java 5 or higher
  • No support for Remote Access
  • Intel processor
  • At least 512 MB RAM
  • Mozilla 1.7
  • Firefox 2
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Requires Sun Java 5 or higher
  • Meeting Center only
  • PA-RISC processor
  • At least 1 GB RAM
Participants wishing to connect to audio using VoIP will need a fast Internet connection, a microphone and speakers (A USB headset is recommended).

If you are connecting without highspeed internet, or you do not have audio on your computer, you can connect to the visual through your computer and audio through the phone. A phone number, specific to the webinar will be provided at time of registration. Note that long distance charges* will apply.

4. Is my personal information protected when I register?
The only person that can view your personal information is the organizer through a separate report. Participants and the presenter do not have access to that information. The personal information collected is needed to send you the connection information and authority to join the webinar, and to follow-up with an evaluation request after the webinar. Personal information will be destroyed after the evaluation response has been collected.

5. I have tried to get onto a webinar in this series in the past and haven’t been able to, what happened?
There could be a number of reasons why you could not connect in the past – technical requirements not met, wrong URL for the webinar, not registered for the webinar etc. If you are experiencing difficulties, you can contact the organizer before and during the webinar for support, or contact the Webex help line at 1-866-863-3910 - United States and Canada or +1-916-861-3157 International

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This information published to the web on May 10, 2012.
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