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How Will You Finance Your Business Growth?
Once your business is up and running you may need to raise more money to pay for expansion and growth. You will also require money for your daily operating expenses.

As with start up, your business can be financed through debt (borrowed money) or equity (invested money). The type of financing you seek depends on how much you need and how you plan on using it. However, as your business begins to make a profit, you can use that money to pay for its continued growth, offer ownership in exchange for financial help or sell equity interests in the company.

Once you have determined the type of financing that you require your next step may be investor readiness. Becoming investor ready will require you to know your business inside out so that you can attract investment in your business.

Financial Options
What are Your Financial Options for Growth?
Sources of Financing
Where Will You Access Capital?
  • Determining the Type and Source of Financing Required – This fact sheet will help you determine the most suitable type of financing as well as sources of various types of financing
  • Working Capital – This page from Business Development Canada (BDC) offers information and links to help you secure the working capital needed for success
Investor Readiness
How Will You Work With Investors?
  • Private Venture Investing: “Questions an Investor Should Ask” – This article is intended to act as a general guide for an investor contemplating a private company or project. The summary of key questions to ask and issues to deal with is also helpful for those seeking investors
  • Demysitfy Your Banker - A guide for entrepreneurs seeking a loan from their bank: what your loan proposal should contain, what your banker looks for, common bank terms, and tips to increase your chances of success
  • Steps to Growth Capital – This site from Canada Business is extremely helpful and informative for the entrepreneur seeking risk capital. It will walk you through the process of finding, keeping and working with investors
  • Working With Lenders – Keep Them In The Loop – This article stresses the importance of communicating with your lender to ensure a positive working relationship.

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