Biz Info: Are you an entrepreneur? Self-assessment

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Are you an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is anyone who organizes or manages a business, attempting to make a profit and assuming the risk of a loss. Evaluate yourself critically to see if you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Business success or failure primarily depends on you. Take the time to generate or develop ideas and decide if running a business is right for your personality, skills, family and lifestyle.

Before you quit your current job or commit yourself full time to your new venture research the links provided and complete our Entrepreneurial Assessment Checklist. Completion of this checklist will ensure that you look carefully before leaping into a new business.

Self Assessment
Do You Have What It Takes?
Does Your Family and Your Lifestyle Support Your New Venture?
  • Personal and Family Considerations: Define Your Goals - Personal and family assessments are crucial when evaluating the potential of any new enterprise. This factsheet helps you evaluate your most critical assets: you and your family
  • Points to Consider When Starting Your Own Business - This Canadian Business Network site outlines key considerations for new entrepreneurs that will help you turn ideas into goods and services and meet the needs and wants of consumers while building a career for yourself
  • A Guide For New Alberta Businesses – This guide from the Business Link provides an introduction to the key elements that a new business owner should consider when starting a business in Alberta.

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