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Economics and Competitiveness Branch / Economics Section
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

For Further Information Contact:

Tel: PaulineVan-Biert:-at-780-415-2153-or-AgInfo-Centre-310-FARM(3726)
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Jan 30, 2020
Alberta Dairy Producers
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Program Details
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The Economics Section at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry conduct the on-going annual survey of dairy enterprises over the course of one year called the Dairy Cost Study. The Dairy Cost Study program provides good business management information to farm operators, so they can make better business management decisions. Good information is the most important step in managing for profitability.

The research is compiled and results are published in a benchmark report called The Economics of Milk Production.

The objectives of this publication are:

    • To provide a current and continuing account of the costs and returns of milk production in Alberta
    • To aid in the creation of valuable research information to Alberta milk producers, and
    • To provide economic information for dairy industry partners
Participants receive:
    • a detailed business analysis of their dairy farm / enterprise
    • production costs and returns as a total, per cow and per hectolitre (hL) basis
    • tables and charts giving a quick snapshot of the farm’s cost breakdown
    • graphs identifying the farm results compared to other participants on the study
    • report comparing farm results to the provincial benchmarks
    • long-term participants receive their own five year benchmark report to assess the performance of their farm business and over time
    • The Economics of Milk Production benchmark report mailed directly to the farm
Is there a cost to participate?
No! This program is free-of-charge.

Participation only requires your valuable time when providing farm information for your analysis. If “all good things take time”, then good management information is well worth the time producers invest.

Notice of Collection
Information is collected for the purpose of conducting research on the costs and returns of milk production in Alberta. Only aggregated, non-identifying information will be published and made available to the general public and organizations for research purposes. The contact information you provide may be used to notify you electronically of program updates or to ask for feedback to evaluate and enhance program effectiveness. The collection is authorized under section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act and managed and protected in accordance with the Act.

How is my information used?
Information participants share with the Dairy Cost Study Business Analysis and Research Program is used in applied economic research to address topical issues and questions from Alberta producers.

The program is always open to new participants.
You can enroll at any time.

Sign-up to Participate

To enroll or for further information contact:
    Pauline Van Biert
    310-0000, 780-415-2153

    The AgInfo Centre
    310-FARM (3276)
The Dairy Cost Study

The Economics Section and the AgriProfit$ Dairy Cost Study program partner with Alberta Milk in the delivery of this program.

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