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Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

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Tel: 780-422-2104
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  Veterinarians Wanted! AF’s Appointed Inspector Program

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry offers the Appointed Inspector program, where veterinarians can act as inspectors under the Meat Inspection Act if they are registered under the Veterinary Profession Act and licensed by the ABVMA.

In this program, veterinarians are appointed as inspectors for a 3 year term to help livestock producers with emergency situations, so that an animal unfit for transportation can be inspected and slaughtered on the premises – which allows the meat to be sold within Alberta.

This is a voluntary program that relies on the participation of veterinarians. More participants are needed in many areas across the province. In some parts of Alberta, there are currently no appointed inspectors available in the area.

The program also gives new or experienced veterinarians an opportunity to build their knowledge about working with large animals that are unfit for transport (as defined under CFIA’s “Transportation of Animals Program- Compromised Animals Policy”), providing an important animal welfare learning experience. Veterinarians are compensated by the producer or abattoir requesting the service, as per their agreement with them.

Veterinarians who would like more information or are interested in applying for the Appointed Inspector Program can contact Esther Tolani, Meat Inspection Section Administrator, at 780-422-2104 (toll-free in Alberta by first dialing 310-0000).

To view the Listing of Appointed Inspectors, please click here.

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Last Reviewed/Revised on September 27, 2017.