Nuisance Complaints - Agricultural Operation Practices Act

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Farmers' Advocate Office
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

For Further Information Contact:

Tel: 780-310-3276 Fax: 780-427-3913

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  The Farmers' Advocate Office (FAO) administers Part 1 (Nuisance) of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act.

“Nuisance” is defined as an activity that:

  • arises from unreasonable, unwarranted or unlawful use by a person of the person’s own property that causes obstruction or injury to the right of another person or to the public and produces such material annoyance, inconvenience and discomfort that damage will result
  • creates smoke, odour, noise or vibration that interferes with the reasonable and comfortable use of a person’s property, or
  • is found to be a nuisance at common law.
A person who is aggrieved by any odour, noise, dust, smoke or other disturbance resulting from an agricultural operation should first attempt to resolve the issue privately. The FAO is available to assist with informal mediation and facilitation. If these attempts are unsuccessful, the individual may write to the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry to request consideration of whether or not the disturbance results from a generally accepted agricultural practice.

Applications must be sent in writing to:

The Honourable Oneil Carlier
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
229 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B6

The letter should contain:
  • a statement of the nature of the disturbance
  • name and address of the applicant
  • location of the agricultural operation
  • name and address of the owner or operator, if known
  • steps taken by the applicant, if any, to resolve the disturbance.
Please call the Farmers' Advocate Office at 310-FARM (3276) or email if you have any questions.
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Last Reviewed/Revised on February 13, 2017.